We are a company specialized in the sales force outsourcing with more than 14 years of experience.

Our know-how is built upon extensive market knowledge. Through our work in the retailing channels, Winche delivers to its more than 50 clients, improvements in the product visibility and distribution, leading to an increase in sales.

More than 500 professionals work with us and they are specialized in all the various distribution channels. Winche offers nation-wide coverage in Spain and Portugal.


Maximize the range and the quality of our clients channels


We help our clients to reach the excellence in the Point of Sale


Partnership, Technological innovation and Professionalism

Winche redes comerciales, Externalización fuerza de ventas

What cannot be seen, will not be sold

- Javier Scherk / CEO

Winche redes comerciales, Outsourcing comercial

Our strenght is our team

- David Vicente / HR Manager


Companies increasingly focus on product development and manufacturing, while outsourcing the point of sale management to external agencies. This provides them with more flexibility and better sales. Thanks to our know-how, we offer a wide portfolio of outsourcing services, customized according to each project and client’s needs.

Outsourced sales force

Our specialization by channel and sector allows us to help clients in product launches and promotional activities, to achieve an optimal go-to-market strategy. (Read more…)

POS management

Our network of Store Activators is specialized in improving product visibility, placement and distribution in the point of sale, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales. (Read more…)

One shot actions

Winche offers special actions to leverage peak sales moments such as advertising campaigns, seasonal sales or product launches. Through these actions, we strengthen turnover and SKUs availability. (Read more…)


We develop proprietary software to manage sales teams and to monitor promotional activities, assortment and tasks. Being able to constantly check and customize the data collection is the strategic help to the decision-making. (Read more…)


A team of expert auditors are in charge of collecting data according to the client’s KPIs. Our audits allow clients to know the real status of the product visibility as well as the internal sales team performances and merchandising practices. (Read more…)


Winche's consulting projects focus on strategic sales and marketing management, by identifying existing problems and elaborating optimal solutions conforming to the companies needs. (Read more…)

Planogram implementation

Thanks to our experience in planogram implementation, we can increase the rotation and the referencing of your products, improving the visibility without breaking the routine of the team. (Read more…)

Telephone sales

The objective of our telemarketing service business to business is increase the sales of our clients, optimizing resources, reducing costs and expanding the coverage performance. (Read more…)

Selection and training

Our HR department are specialized in all the phases of personnel management, since the recruiting, the selection, until the training. We have a training team that works with a personalized methodology in function of each channel. (Read more…)


We work with a wide range channels. This allows us that our sales force has a big knowledge of the particularities of each one, offering to the client more benefits with the externalization. We make more than 1.000.000 visits per year to different points of sale with our specialized teams.

Outsorcing comercial gran consumo, externalización GPV's

Mass market

Our commercial and POS manager’s network work in all the supermarket and hypermarket chains, getting the know-how of all the centers.

Vendedores Pharma, Outsorcing comercial


In pharmacies and OTC drugstores, the linear seduction is the key that makes Winche attract the attention of purchase. Our experience is an added value to outsource the point of sale management for the OTC products.

Brand Ambassador, Comando Mayorista, HORECA


We work with more than 200.000 centers (Hotels, restaurants, bars…). We offer all the profiles specialized in the channel through our sales force; Brand Ambassador, Brand Activator, Sales Command… (Read more…)

Bricolaje, Jardinería, Decoración, Comandos, Vendedores

Do it yourself

This channel works differentially because of their characteristics and the peculiarities of the target. We visit the sales point’s that are dedicated specifically to Do It Yourself services. (Read more…)

Winche Cloud, Optimicación de rutas, Potencial de ventas


We have a team of experts in new technologies that are ensuring the product availability in the point of sales as well as team training, becoming brand prescripts, who can resolve any problem with the client.

Telemarketing venta telefónica, Visibilidad, rotación

Drugstore and perfumery

Due to the wide knowledge we have of the sector and in management of sales point, we segment the different centers; being able to take actions oriented depending on the category and the public to whom it is directed (Read more…)

Temporalidad del canal, masivas, Campaña Navidad, Campaña Verano

Toy stores

Our POS management team improves the distribution and the visibility of toys in the point of sales, getting visible results in sales. We offer different campaign’s due the seasonality and specification of the cannel. (Read more…)

Fuerza de venta multiétnica, Oportunidad en el canal no organizado


We have a multiethnic sales force that knows the channel, permitting us to establish a good relationship with the most important retailers and wholesalers, being the key factor to get a good distribution (Read more…)

Fuerza de venta multiétnica, Oportunidad en el canal no organizado


We know perfectly the network of the point of sales included in this channel (tobacco shops, convenience shops, gas stations…). We optimize routes to incorporate the maxim number of visits maximizing the effectiveness.(Read more…)

Fuerza de venta multiétnica, Oportunidad en el canal no organizado


We have a TaskForce specialized that visits PetShops and veterinary clinics. Due to the growth of the sector it’s very important the management of the sales point to boost undetermined purchase and avoid out of stocks. (Read more…)